Thursday, August 6, 2009

If Baby Bear Only Knew . . .

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a great while I get to beat Ponzi in her own game. And I have to confess that I love it!

Without boring you to death, I need to provide a brief background for today's reenactment of last night's conversation. If you read my blog faithfully, you will know that Ponzi and her friends were in the process of moving Ponzi into Veggie's room. Well, part of said process was to empty Veggie's walk-in closet of the three hundred Prom dresses, two hundred stuffed animals, and one hundred pairs of shoes (that's 200 shoes for those of you who are counting. . .) which Veggie so thoughtfully left behind. And so the movers decided that the most expedient thing to do would be to deposit all of the above in Ponzi's old (and tiny) room (you know. . .the room that has now been designated as my study) and so they quickly became transfer agents - moving all of Veggie's discarded items down to Ponzi's old room and bringing only Ponzi's best and treasured items up to her new room. The result? Ponzi's old room (a.k.a. my study) is now filled to the brim with Veggie and Ponzi's discarded shoes and clothing.

Part Two of the details which I don't want to bore you with has to do with My Sleep Disorder . . . whereby I - like Goldilocks - often go searching at 3:00 a.m. for a fresh bed to cure my insomnia . . . hence, the reason for having a relief bed in my new study. The only problem was (and with me there always has to be one, right????) this bed was stacked high with prom dresses and the like. . . and so - despite my repeated pleas for Ponzi to clean out that room - my Goldilock's butt had landed squarely on the family room couch at 3:00 a.m. the proceding night and - let me tell you - that's just Not right! in my book.

All of this to explain why I made a preemptive strike and went to bed at 9:00 p.m. in Ponzi's new room. . . calling her before I did to give her fair warning. . .


Ponzi: You're what? You can't sleep in there!

Me: Oh, I can too! I can - and will - sleep there every night until you get my new room cleaned out.

Ponzi: Fine! Then I'm just gonna jump into bed with you.

Me: Well that's fine with me!

Ponzi: I will, you know. . . I'll do it!

Me: Oh, I don't doubt it. . . but it won't bother me in the least!

Ponzi: It won't bother me either!

Me: Fine?!?!
Ponzi: Fine!

But I need to warn you that I snore all night. That's why your father doesn't like to sleep with me, you know. . .

Ponzi (continuing the brave front): Well that won't bother me either! I'll sleep right through it!

Me: Well, obviously, if I'm the one doing the snoring, I'll sleep through it too! So that will make two of us!

Ponzi: Yeah. . . two of us. . .

Me: Two of us. . .sleeping. . . together. . .

Ponzi: That's right!

Me: Fine!

Ponzi: Fine!


Needless to say. . . Ponzi climbed into bed with Trigger, while I slept like . . . like. . . well, like everything was Just right!

. . . Hey! Anybody want to be my roommate at BlogHer next summer????

Me (just for fun. . . or added insurance. . . or perhaps, both. . . ): And I have bad breath, you know. . . and I get hot flashes. . . like in the middle of the night . . . and I have to throw my nightgown off at the oddest times to combat them . . and your father also tells me that I fart all night too, but I don't believe him!!! I think it's he who's doing the farting all along and just blaming it on me. . .