Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Just May Be the Cat's Mother. . .


You may just think I'm going berserk. . .

But ever since my little foray into the occult (a.k.a. my psychic reading) I've been thinking about souls, and spirits, and previous lives. . . and - okay I'll admit it here - the possibility of reincarnation.

And I think my cat was/is/may-yet-be something special.

In fact, I'm convinced she may be my child.

I know what you're thinking . . . but forget - for the moment - that she's a member of the feline race . . and look at the uncanny similarities. . .

  • She's a cat.
  • I like cats.
  • She has green eyes.
  • I have hazel eyes.
  • She was found in a storm drain.
  • I cry alot.
  • She has whiskers
  • Need I remind you that my husband once found a whisker on my chin?
  • She's a tuxedo cat
  • My husband wore a tuxedo at our wedding
  • Her name is Mayzie.
  • I have been accused - at times - of being a wee-bit Crazy.
Besides. . .there's something undeniably eerie about the way that she runs away from every other member of the household and yet is fixated on me. There's something spooky about the way she comes out of hiding whenever I sit down. . . and something almost supernatural about the way she looks me in the eye, extends her paw, and tries to tell me something!!!!!!

That black and white furball scares me!

Now, don't get me wrong. . . the dog loves me too. . . and I know all about silly, oaf-like, will-you-just-let-me-lick-your-feet-cause-you're-the-greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread kind of pet-love stuff. . . This - my friends - is not like that. . .

This cat definitely thinks I'm her mother.

The big question is. . . could she really be my child??????