Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Delta, Delta, No!

So last night, no doubt, phones all across America were ringing. And in living rooms everywhere, mothers of college-aged daughters were having the same conversation:

Daughter: Mom?

Mother: Yes?

Daughter: Remember how I called you like five times on Friday to get information so I could rush a campus sorority?

Mother: Yes?

Daughter: Well it turns out I kinda filled out the wrong form and I need to re-do it. Can I have that credit card number again?

Mother: But what did we spend that $35 on? Why do you need it again?

Daughter: I just told you! I filled out the wrong form!

Mother: The wrong form? I don't get it! What form did you fill out?

Daughter: (mumble. . .mumble. . . ) fra(mumble)ty

Mother: What's that? I didn't quite hear that. . . your must be on your cell phone 'cause the line is breaking up and your voice just got lower. . . what form?

Daughter: Fraternity! I was rushing a fraternity instead!!!! Can I have that credit card number now?

Daughter: Mom?

Daughter: Mom!

Daughter: Mom! Stop laughing! I need that credit card number now!

Daughter: Mom?

Daughter: Mom!!!!!

Wait! You didn't receive a phone call like that? Imagine! You neither? Nor you?

I just don't get it! Why am I the one who always has all the fun?