Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forbidden Love. . .

Oh how I long for you each lonely night!
Desire - seems so wrong, but feels so right.
Your first brief brush against my waiting lips,
will leave my heart and stomach doing flips.

And though I crave your presence endlessly,
my secret love, I can't let others see.
For others judge - and they don't understand,
just how your cold heart melts on my command.

You are no good for me, my daughters cry.
But love in pure form cannot be denied!
They warn me you will crawl under my skin,
and one day I sport a double chin.

But nights when Drip Dry travels far from home,
I find myself weak, stranded, and alone.
And soon I find I simply can't ignore
the heaven waiting on my freezer door.

Wisconsin's finest! Caught up in your lair -
your tangy goodness wafts upon the air.
Enveloped elbows, dripping with cheese sauce.
I consummate our love - the battle lost.

And afterward? I deftly hide the truth -
for Drip Dry would have made a wonder-sleuth.
The proof of our affair cannot be found -
with bowl and spoon licked by the family hound.

And hours after my illicit binge,
I start to feel an old familiar twinge.
My burdened stomach, like a lover spurned,
begins to twist, burn, tumble, toss, and churn.

Oh gluttony! Oh excess food imbibed!
I take antacids just as they're prescribed!
A tummy ache? Just one small price to pay. . .
For I have sampled Heaven for a day!

Don't worry . . . Drip Dry's back tomorrow.