Thursday, September 17, 2009


A Mom on Spin's sanity. . . or perhaps - more accurately - her R.E.M. sleep.

Yes, my friends, the dreaded Goldilock's Sleep Disorder (a.k.a. GSD) has returned once again to haunt our favorite mom with a vengeance!

Is it the fact that she has a new boss who she wants to impress? That she's currently in an email fight with Veggie? Or a real-time fight with Drip Dry? (Perhaps if A Mom on Spin would stop blogging about all-things-personal her family wouldn't be mad at her . . . ) Or how about the fact that Trigger is now calling from college to complain that her that her face is swollen!!! (Yes, swollen. . . imagine reporting that symptom to Trigger's friendly rhuematologist. . . .) or that Ponzi has won one of the coveted stomach letters on the high school football team's unofficial booster squad - flashing nothing more than the second "R" and a sports bra for all to see? (Nice abs on that girl, though, I've gotta say that gym membership really pays off. . .)

Regardless of the reason, a monetary reward for return of A Mom on Spin's sleep will be offered as soon as she can think and see clearly once again and her daughters stop sucking every last living dollar out of her bank account. . .

All interested parties can contact her anywhere between 1:00 and 5:30 a.m. . . No doubt she'll be wide awake in one of her three beds. (None of which, it seems, can be deemed Just right!)