Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello God? Can We Talk?

Hello God?

I just wanted to commend you for being really funny sometimes.

Like yesterday at 7:00 a.m., after picking up the fourteen boxes of munchkins, ten gallons of apple juice, six quarts of half and half, and two fruit trays for a little after-church reception in the back room. . .well perhaps I was feeling a wee-bit inhospitable about all of my hospitality duties. . . or perhaps I was just plain old cranky from lack of sleep. . . but, in all honesty, I'm sure I was just feeling all kinds of proprietary about me being the top dog in the new order. . . and so I started to plan/plot/maneuver/sabotage the guest list for the first big staff meeting with our new boss.. . .thinking, of course, that some of my coworkers should not be invited because their jobs are not (and I'm sure I used the word) pastoral.

And then I went into church and heard the all-too-familiar story of those disciples fighting about which one was the greatest and was told in the homily that perhaps sometimes we just don't "get it" either and couldn't we all just benefit from a big old piece of humble pie.

So God?  I'm waiting for mine!  But did I ever tell you that I like it with a side of vanilla ice cream?

Fellow bloggers, the heavenly phone lines are now open!  If you feel you have a thing or two to discuss with The Big Guy, go ahead and give him a call.   Mr. Linky here will put you through at no charge. . .