Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime . . .while just a wee-bit off-"kilt"er, mind you . . . .

Did you ever have one of those moments when you realized that life was good?  Or funny?  Did you ever think life was funny?  How about quirky?  Life is definitely quirky somedays.  Is it not?

Well just last night Mr. Drip Dry decided to set up the webcam on my brandy new netbook, and instead of placing a test call on Skype he decided to video chat with Ponzi.   Upstairs.   In her room.   (Now don't tell me you all don't use your cell phones like an intercom system in your homes . . . it was just like that, only he was using my netbook. . . ) So anyhow there we were . . .all comfortable in our living room - and - like all good parents of teenage girls . . . chatting to a picture of our daughter upstairs through a little box . . . when Veggie beeped in.  From Scotland.  Veggie was beeping in from Scotland.  Even though it was some ridiculous wee-hour of the morning, Veggie was calling in from Scotland.   And then my husband and daughters got all techy on me and ended up three-way-video-chatting on something called ooVuu . . . and so I went to bed. . .

But the ooVuu thing is not what's important.

What hit me as funny . . . and crazy . . .and quirky . . .and wonderfully blogable is this. . .

There I was in my own living room, video-chatting with a daughter who was a few steps away, and another who happened to be an ocean apart!  At the same time!

Amazing,   Is it not?

And isn't it quite fortuitous that Veggie happened to have traveled to Scotland for the week? 'Cause you know, the only thing I even slightly miss about blogging on her cast-off-crap-top was the Up Yer Kilt sticker, and now she's promised me a replacement!  And I told her to throw caution to the wind and buy out Scotland.  Of stickers.  I'll have an Up Your "Kilt"er for everyone!

And just where was Trigger? you might ask.

I'm quite certain she was in the library.  Studying.   I'm sure she was in the library studying. Or in her room.  Packing.   Packing to come home.  This weekend.   Yikes!  In her room packing to come home this weekend!