Monday, October 26, 2009

How About We Let this Be Our Little Secret. . . .

Sometimes Christmas comes early when you work for a church.

Especially if you're a tad bit. . . oh. . . . angelic, shall we say?

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you already know about I have been the "recipient" of some free coffee. . . or that I brought home some of the holy oils for my own personal use. . . ("lovingly lifted" I like to call it. . . )

But today's bonanza was nothing like that.

You know, sometimes people leave some funny things in church . . . sweaters . .  .eyeglasses. . . scarves. . . gloves. . . umbrellas. . . cameras.. . .  all of which get immediately buried in the Lost and Found for years on end mind you . . . .

But never before has someone left a gift card to Victoria's Secret.

And so I ask you.

Would you have the nerve to call your local Catholic church - running the risk of reaching a priest - to ask if they, by chance, had come across a gift card that Aunt Suzie and Uncle Harold gave you to Victoria's Secret?


I thought not.

Perhaps I should offer it to SJP's SIL in return for The Cope????