Friday, October 2, 2009

If You Give a Blogger a Cookie. . .

Announcing a day off again for non-blogging readers. . . it's like a snow day on top of a sick day. .. Woo Hoo!!!!


As for the rest of you. . .

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions yesterday.  The only other time I received such a wealth of comments was when I was stranded in my room after a fight with Drip Dry and begged for suggestions for revenge tactics. It's nice to know that you all aren't a bunch of voyeurs just waiting for me to douse my husband's toothbrush in the eau d'toilette after all .  . .

I promised to share my blogging philosophy with you today, and I shall.

I started this blog because I wrote a book that I never really tried to get published.

I wrote the book because I truly felt my life was spinning (yes, spinning) out of control.

And so I naturally turned to the thing I do best and let my silly sense of humor lead to a very-real sense of catharsis that comes from letting my fingers do the talking.  (Oh Sweet Jesus!  I just realized that I told you I didn't want to know why you blog, I wanted to know how you blog!  But wait, it will become relevant momentarily . . . ) Because the afore-mentioned relief is so powerful, I feel the need to write something almost each and every day.

My blogging time has become an established part of my daily life.  I get home from work, start "dinner", pour myself a glass of wine, and begin to write.  (And, yes, my posts are an unfettered stream of consciousness spilling forth in hopes they find the publish button before I begin my second glass. . .)  Most of my post ideas spring from incidents that occur during the day.   Sadly, other ideas are tortured out of my twisted psyche at 3:00 in the morning.  Regardless of how or why they occur, the first hour of my blogging evening is usually spent crafting the day's post.

Oh, and I should tell you that I'm impatient.   Every once in a great while I schedule a post to air early in the a.m. (when it seems most folks in the US post) but I'm usually too curious to see what it looks like when it hits the big screen to wait until morning.

Truth be told, when I first starting blogging, I thought it would end there.   You know, the old If you write it, they will read mentality.  But then I learned the dirty little secret of blogging - namely, that it's a two way street.

And so here you all come.  Into the picture.   You enter into the picture.

So now the next hour or so of my blogging evening is unselfishly devoted to you - my fellow bloggers.  'Cause - quite honestly - I learned that if I don't bring a cake to the neighbors, they'll never bring chocolate chip cookies to you.  And I really like chocolate chip cookies.

And - yes - I have been pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of the blogs and bloggers I have found myself in company with.  I have been heartened by your humor. . . compelled by your stories. . . touched by your challenges. . . uplifted by your spirituality - you name it, I have found myself in awe of you!.

I am currently following 83 blogs, but the blogs listed on my sidebar are what I use to pay my visits.  And since those blogs are arranged in recent post order, I  visit those who have recently posted first.  As many of you have already discovered, I'm a commenter.   I visit and comment and visit and comment until - frankly - I'm out of time. . .or dinner is burning. . .or House is on. . . or my bed is calling to me like the sexy little vixen that she is . . . And yes, sometimes I'm a bit goofy with the comments, but once I land on a blog, I feel compelled to leave my mark . . . you know, kind of like a calling card. (The goofy comments may also have something to do with that second glass of wine, but don't tell anyone. . .)

Do I have peeves?  Sure.  For the most part I read every blog post through to its natural end, but I have to confess that my ADD tendencies have sometimes cause the occasional  looooooong blog post to die an untimely death at my fingertips.

You know, I could go on, but 

And in case you didn't get it?  That was my attempt at being funny.  You know. . . causing my own post to die an untimely death.

And remember, I like chocolate chip cookies. . . .