Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inquiring Minds and All That . . .

 My apologies to all my non-blogger readers who come here to get their daily dose of feel-good by knowing that at least A Mom on Spin's life is worse off than their own.   You've all earned a well-deserved break from the hilarity that is me.  So skip on off now and do something productive with your time for a change.  But don't forget to come back tomorrow. Do you all remember the short-lived "no funerals" post the other day?   Three hours later, the body was cold  . .  .
And so the following is addressed to my fellow bloggers. . . 

Okay folks! The time has come to 'fess up about how you blog. I don't want to know why you blog. . . or where you blog. . . or when you blog. . . but  HOW you blog. . .

You know the kind of stuff  I'm looking for.  What's the method to you madness?  The process that you follow?

Do you blog every day?  Every other?    Is each blog post carefully crafted, edited and reviewed?  Or does it spill forward like a stream of unfettered consciousness that just happens to land on the Publish button?

How many blogs do you follow?  How many blogs do you visit? How do you decide who will get the honor of your visit? Do you employ the Evelyn Woods method of speed reading when visiting?

And what about comments?  Do you comment with every visit? Do you play tit-for-tat?  Do you judge every post by the number of comments it brings?  Do you respond to comments by emailing?  When you receive an email from a fellow blogger, can you even remember what the holy heck you said on their blog in the first place? 

Has there ever been a blogger who has annoyed you?  Ignored you? Inspired you? Adored you?

Have you ever regretting posting something?  Retracted a post?  Over-imbibed your box of wine and forgotten you published something?

Do you have a list of  blogging peeves?  Blogging perks?   Blogging no-no's?

Do tell, because I want to know.

I'd tell you about my own style, but it would violate the first item on my list of peeves. . . The long blog post!

If you tell me today, folks,  I promise I'll share my secrets with you tomorrow. . .

And just in case you're thinking of skipping out of here without a comment. . . I'll repeat what I said earlier. . . Do you all remember the short-lived "no funerals" post the other day?   (Perhaps not, 'cause only ten of you  commented. .  .)   Well, three hours later, the body was cold  . .  .

Oh, and if ellipses are on your list of pet peeves. . . go ahead and say it. . . I'm a big girl.

Same goes for p.s.'s and post-signature drivel. . .