Friday, March 23, 2012

Brown Mice and Rat. . . the poem

I hear you don't like Mice-and-Rat.
Can you, would you, confirm that?

I DO not like Brown-Mice-and-Rat.
I WILL confirm that, Mr. Cat! 

 Could you stand them in a car?
Would you, could you, in a bar?

Not in a car, not in a bar, 
I could not stand them, there you are!
I do not like them Mr. Cat,
I DO not like Brown-Mice-and-Rat!

Would you scream if on a plane?
Would you stay if on a train?

Not on a train, not in a car;
not on a plane, or in a bar!
I do not like them Mr. Cat;
I do not like Brown-Mice-and-Rat!

And if, one day, while on a search,
you found them lurking in your church? 

IF . . . I found them in the church,
I'd surely leave you in the lurch.
There is no doubt within my mind
I'd leave those rodents far behind!

Would you stand them in a pinch?
Could you come within an inch?

Not in pinch, within the inch;
even a yard, would be too hard.
Not on a train, not in a car,
nor on a plane, or in a bar!
I do not think them very nice;
I do not like Brown-Rat-and-Mice!

Would you like them in a cage?
Do you think you'd still feel rage?

I'd feel the rage, if in a cage;
within a yard, would be too hard!
Forget the train, 
the car, and plane;
they are not nice, 
those Rats-and-Mice!
I DO not like them Mr. Cat.

Why DO you not like Rat-and-Mice?
Why is it that they don't seem nice?

I do not like the Mice-and-Rat
because they go like this-and-that.
They have long tails that look bizarre,
and you don't know where they are!
They would be, could be, on a train;
they might be, quite be, on a plane.
A bar is where they might call home.
You never know how far they roam! 
And if I saw them in a church,
I'd surely leave you in the lurch!

They're sneaky things, those Mice-and-Rat;
And if you take them all away,
I'll live to see another day! 

p.s.  . . .and, Mr. Cat, thanks to my fear-induced food aversions,
 I no longer like Green Eggs and Ham either, 
but I think we covered that in a past post!