Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yoga School Dropout

So I was all excited to begin my early-morning yoga class until my proclivity for vertigo got in the way.

And - frankly - my first class was less than I had hoped for.

I think you'll get the gist of it from the following song written just for this occasion:

 Yoga School Dropout. . .
no graduation day for you!
Yoga School dropout . . .
what did you think that you would do?

At least you could have have gone and learned the Downward Facing Doggie;
the Lotus, or the Crane, Half-Moon, the Cobra or the Froggy!

Yoga School Dropout. . .
Why did you get so sick in class?
Yoga School Dropout. . .
Your only pose was named "The Ass"!

A yogi-mom with motion sickness, who's ever heard of that?
At least with all those spins you didn't throw up on your mat!

Yoga School Dropout. . . 
You should have stayed right in your bed.
Yoga School Dropout. . .
You sure are sickly in the head!

You're a hopeless Mom on Spin and you can never change a wink
These things you say are easy can be harder than you think!

Yoga School Dropout. . . 
Yoga School Dropout. . . 
Go Back to Bed!!!!

Got the picture?