Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Playing NOOK-y!

So today was a TOP TEN DAY in the weather department. . . and my priest-boss was not in the office. .  .and I knew that my co-worker was scheduled to take the next two days off. . . and I just happened to be obsessed with. . . !ALL THINGS READING!. . . and there was, by chance, some straws on the table before us. . .

 And - armed with the longer straw - I left work shortly after lunch.

To play NOOK-y.

But I didn't quite know how to achieve the playing part. . .  for my Catholic guilt insisted on making the afternoon seem more like working NOOK-y than anything else.

Now keep in mind that I had downloaded yet-another novel yesterday (the twin sister of that book I loved so well ) and so limited myself to the first 25 pages last night. . .stifling my urge to consume all 179 pages of it's Irish-infused existence within a two-hour period . . . in order to make the enjoyment last . . .you know. . . kind of like a temperance of literature. . .

But, goodness knows, it's not every day that you get to play NOOK-Y so I was all-but-required to spend my NOOK-y time in some manner of productiveness before I was allowed to imbibe again this afternoon - waiting, just waiting, for the right time to pick up that beautifully written story that I knew was guaranteed to tug on my heartstrings and bring tears to my eyes.

So don't you know that I was thrilled to recently discover Goodreads where I can live in my own virtual library and join in on-line book clubs with other obsessive readers who I never have to set eyes on and so I spent the first two hours of my NOOK-y time cataloging my library in order to have things just so before reading that book that called to me in such a haunting fashion.

But then - horror of horrors - turns out that things were not just so on this blog . . . for the Goodreads widget was waaaaaaaaaaay too big for my blog space and so I was forced  to move to the Kindle bookshelf in order to satisfy my need to have things just so. .  .(although I can't imagine a single misguided soul ever playing KINDLE-y for an afternoon. . .much better to own a NOOK don't you think?). . . and so it was well after wine time before A Mom on Spin set her reading self down to enjoy.

And - be still my heart - enjoy I did, in such a guilty fashion, that I suddenly could not possibly consider myself worthy of being in near proximity of such lovely writing.

Writing that caused me to hold my wine glass to my chest and stop reading just to enjoy the moment.

Enjoying the moment.

A temperance of literature.

Now I ask you. . .  is that not what playing NOOK-y should be all about?