Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Bad

I don't know about you carnivores (because I never was what you might call a healthy eater until I became a reluctant vegetarian) but every once in a while I get sick of things that are good for me.

Let's face it. . . how long can a macaroni-and-cheese-addicted woman live on bowls of lentil stew before the craving for the ultimate "bad" food takes over???

Oh, I'll tell you how long a macaroni-and-cheese-addicted woman can live on bowls of lentil stew. . .

42 days.

Because that's when I last had a fix.

On the way out of town from my family vacation. . . the vacation where I ate nothing but healthy food. . . but then stopped at the Wawa when no one was looking. . . .and proceeded to shovel that cheesy goodness in my mouth as I drove up the Garden State Parkway. . . .silently thanking the Good Lord for Jersey weekend traffic. . . yet smearing a cheese-stain on the driver's seat belt none-the-less.

All of 42 days ago.

And now, my friends,  I find myself jonesing for another.

And let me tell you that not getting the exact badness that a girl craves, when she craves it, makes her eat some funny things.

For it was the jonesing that made me eat those little pasta pearls for breakfast instead of adding them to my soup at lunch yesterday.  And it was the yearning which drove me to eat a half block of cheddar cheese at 3:00 in the afternoon for no good reason.  And it was my very craving that had me discard my brown rice for mashed potatoes at dinner.  And it was my very addiction which had me tossing and turning all night wondering how. . .  when. . . under what circumstances. . . I could get my next fix of that creamy-cheesy-lip-smacking-goodness that I live-and-die for.

You heard me.
I live-and-die for. . .