Friday, July 15, 2016

A Word New to Me


I believe the word itself is a verb meant to convey the idea of something shrinking or decreasing.  By tagging four simple letters to the end (able) we have an adjective; another four (ment) will give us a noun.  An "ly", as usual, transforms the word to an adverb.  A few short words ending with "return" will even give us a law.  I, however,  provide you with the embodiment; the state of being.

I may have had many parts of speech attached to my life before: complex, exuberant,  intelligent, competent - perhaps even ubiquitous.  Yet another word now runs through my mind unimpeded.  I am diminished.  My life is diminishing.  I am diminishment itself.  My star has dimmed.  I have no need of diminutives. I have become dimwitted.