Monday, July 3, 2017

Surgically Attached to My Bed

Someone please tell me how this happens.

I went to a wedding.  A simple wedding.  I sat in the passenger seat for a considerable amount of time as my husband drove to another state.   We missed the ceremony itself but arrived in time for the reception. I successfully donned shoes which have never once felt comfortable long enough to wear them out of the house or hotel room.  This was a good sign I thought.  A good day.  I downed a couple of Advil, made sure I took my nerve pain meds and was out the door.

I stood during the cocktail hour for a good ten minutes or so before I had to sit.  Drank a glass of wine (for we all know that wine is the most effective pain killer of all. . . ) Of course I sat through the dinner itself.   And then I danced.  I danced three glorious dances with my husband and beautiful daughters.  Oh how I love to dance!  My legs and ankles told me when I hit my limit and I was okay with that.  At least life gave me a chance to dance once more.

We returned to the hotel and I slept the sleep of the dead.  I slept through the rest of my family going downstairs for breakfast the following morning.  I slept for most of the ride back home.  I slept until 10:20 this morning. I've been awake for two hours and now I need to sleep again.


Without delay

How, oh how, did I get surgically attached to that bed?