Monday, January 29, 2018


Dear Mr. or Ms. Owner of Bamboo Clothing Co. Inc, (but I'm guessing you're a man because I think a woman would know better.)

When I purchased your bamboo shirts it was for your ultra-comfortable-squishy-satiny-silky-softness - like that which I experience in my BamBoody underwear.  This, Mr. or Ms. Owner, is not just a matter of personal preference.  It is not like the choosing Charmin toilet paper over Scott or adding aloe or lotion to your facial tissues. You might, in fact, say that this bamboo purchasing is a medical necessity; allowing me to actually live outside of my bathtub and don clothing so that the rest of the world does not have to avert their eyes every time I come into their presence.  I have discovered that the bamboo clothing is just about the only clothing that can touch my peripheral-neuropathied-skin without feeling like sandpaper.

So when will I get to the matter at hand?

Right now.

You see Mr/Ms Owner, when sufferers like me have perhipheral-neuropathied-skin and so purchase your apparel  for the comfort factor (because the clinginess factor of your product is not doing me any favors and the rest of the world really should avert their eyes when they see me approaching) the one thing we DON'T need is a freakin' label on the back of the shirt.  You may think that peripheral-neuropathied-skin is only on arms and legs and perhaps you make your bamboo socks without any stitching along the toe line, and for this I applaud you.  But I have Sjogren's Syndrome and this particular disease just happens to affect the aforementioned skin waaaaaay beyond my legs and arms.  It affects my shoulders, back, lips, chin and tongue as well.  And I don't need the itchiness of a label adding to the burning, icing, zapping, tingling, numb feeling that already exists there.

Somehow the makers of BamBoody have gotten the message.  From the looks of Drip Dry's underwear, Fruit of the Loom is on board as well.

But you?  You have BamBoozled me.