The Skinny on the Blog

Well before I became "undun" (or should I say when I was still wrapped a little too tightly) I used to have a blog about my teenage daughters, but for some reason those silly girls had a problem with their mother spilling the most intimate details of their lives with the whole world (go figure!)

And then I tried a blog about my cleaning lady's land rover, but that title didn't really have what you'd call sustainability in the blog-material department.

So I thought that in this blog I would make fun of myself instead.

That's right. It's all about me this time.

I talk. You listen.

Kind of like a one-way street.

'Cause I really don't want to fix the problems in my life. I just want to complain about them.  In fact, you might say I'm at my best when I'm complaining.

So, for all who choose to come along with me. . . I say, Sit back and enjoy the ride!

'Cause this is A Mom on Spin's new place. A place where I complain and you listen. . . where I misuse punctuation as I see fit . . . throw words like "akimbo" about to my heart's content. . . and where, when I use the word "thong", hopefully I'm referring to a flip-flop.

In short, it's a place where I cry (without tears) and you laugh.

At me.

Yup. It's a place where you get to laugh at me. . . .

Oh, and if you want to talk to me? Email me at  I don't think I can bear the comments.