Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trigger applies to college

Big news people . . .

Trigger Finger Girl hit "submit" on a college application yesterday! (If you recall, I hit "submit" on her first application when her back was turned. . . )

And buoyed by this sense of accomplishment, she decided to start filling out another one today. . . except that she encountered a slight bump in the road while sitting at the desktop . . . listen. . .

Trigger Finger Girl: How do you spell Christine?

Trigger Finger Father: There are a couple of ways to spell it. It all depends. . .

Trigger Finger Girl: Like my middle name!!!!

Me think: (Jesus! This girl thinks she's going to college next year and she doesn't even know how to spell her middle freakin' name!)

Trigger Finger Girl: Fine! I'll just fill it out without it!

Me: Are you filling out another application?

Trigger Finger Girl: Yes

Me: To where?

Trigger Finger Girl: (Names the one college we told her she could not go to because it was too far away. . . )

Me: I told you yesterday, you're not going there and I'm not paying the application fee.

Trigger Finger Girl: You did not! You told me I could apply if I wanted to! Don't you remember when I called you at work the other day and you said Apply if you want!
Me: And how about the other half of my sentence. . . . Apply if you want to, but you're not not going there and I'm not wasting my money on the application fee!

And that, dear readers, was the last of the intelligible conversation.
The rest was screamed at me in the outtake of just one breath. . .

Trigger Finger Girl: You're lying to me, Mom, do you know how much of my stuff is there, Mom, why would you let me send my transcripts there if you weren't going to let me go there, Mom, you're lying, Mom, why would you lie to me, Mom, I'm going to go there anyway, and I'm not going to go where you want to, Mom, and you can't make me, Mom, cause it's my life and not yours, and I told Ms. Talisnicki to send my transcripts there, Mom, and if my transcripts are there, I need to apply there, Mom, just so you know I saw some pictures, and Ms. Talisnicki says it's a really popular place for kids from New Jersey to go, Mom, the kids all looked happy in the pictures, Mom, why would you want me to go to a school where I'm not happy, Mom, it will all be your fault, Mom!!!!!

And I'm ashamed to admit that that, dear readers, was the end of all intelligible conversation on my end - for my reply to her went something like this . . . .

Me: Oh those kids looked happy in the pictures, did they? Well that's probably because they all know how to spell their middle names!!!!