Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just How Sick Am I?

So as you know, I've been a bit under the weather lately.

And, as my trip to the doctor turned up no strep throat or ear infections, I'm now convinced it's some sort of alergy.

So I sent my family scurrying.

To the store.

For me.

I sent my husband to Whole Foods to buy a Neti Pot - convinced, I was, that cleaning out my nasal passages was going to be the key to my recovery. (And let me just warn you here and now that stirring the salt into the warm water by taking the nearby tweezers and giving it a mere swish should be avoided. . . for things were going quite swimmingly until I hit the highly salinated water and felt a sensation I had not felt since my childhood near-drowning in the ocean. . . )

And so I deposited my Neti pot and some salt pouches on an antique crystal tray and placed it strategically upon my dresser so that I could glance upon its healing powers from my sickbed.

Then I sent Veggie and Ponzi to the grocery store for some much-needed household supplies . . . like bread. . . and milk. . . and tissues. . .

But I forgot to tell them something very important.

The tissue box must match the sick bed.

I don't care if those tissues are extra soft. . . or have Aloe in them. . . or contain anti-bacterial properties. . . or bluing for extra whiteness. . . the only thing I care about is that I have a tan, brown, and black geometric pattern kind of thing going on in my bedroom now and a mere box of blue tissues with some lame flowers on them is not going to cut it! So now, I have to leave those tissues in the bathroom just so I don't have to rest my delicate eyes upon them. And then, when I actually need a tissue, I have to hobble out of my bed and take the six long steps into the bathroom in order to blow my nose.

I ask you. . . is there no end to the suffering???
And then I thought about green tea. A lot. I put organic green tea on the Veggie and Ponzi shopping list and they dutifully purchased some . . . but not the kind - I might add - that comes with those plastic wrappers and the cute little tea bags that look like they've been hand-sewn by someone's Grandma.

I was thinking about the Grandma kind.

But, never-the-less, I sipped some green tea with honey . . . and then I took a shower and used my green tea shampoo and conditioner. . . and used the tea tree therapeutic balm on my feet. . . but then I got to thinking about Gumbo Writer's post earlier today about Green Tea ice cream and suddenly I'm convinced that nothing short of Green Tea ice cream will do . . .

Which family member shall I call upon ????

And don't offer up Trigger, for she's actually sick with some Lupus ailments. . . it's mighty inhospitable for her to be sick when I am. . . is it not???