Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Miss My Craptop

Yes. I said it.

I miss my craptop.

I'm a creature of habit. . . . and my habit is to sit in my little corner oasis of my bedroom on my ficker chair while blogging on my trusty craptop.

And ever since that craptop has been downstairs in my husband's "workshop" awaiting repairs, life just hasn't been the same.

The 1999 rent-a-wreck which I have been attempting to use in its place makes dial-up service seem like the Concorde. . . . I dare not touch the other three laptops in our home which belong to my husband and two of my daughters. . . .and the two family p.c.'s are located. . . well. . . in the family room. . . and somehow it just doesn't seem right to complain about my family while they're in plain sight!

And, as a result, I haven't been religiously posting on my own blog . . . and I haven't been visiting yours!

Let us all wish my craptop a quick and speedy recovery!

For Proma (times 2 I'll have you kmow) has descended upon our household, and I'm going to need your help by Thursday!!!