Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Was I to Know I Was Random?

Okay, I know I'm a little late for Keely's Random Tuesday thing, but I ask you . . . How does one plan random?

So here we go. . .

Did you ever notice how little spousal tiffs that don't get aired properly can turn into nothing short of a subterfuge-filled battle?  I am currently in a conflict with Mr. Drip Dry that would be best named The Coffee Wars. . .  .('cause we all know how Drip Dry is about his coffee. . . )

Did you ever notice how college-aged daughters don't return text messages you send saying things like, Please make sure you get your blood work done tomorrow.  Those puffy and swollen eyes could mean your kidneys aren't functioning correctly and you do have lupus, you know, so I'm not being a neurotic mom???? but they do send you a text in return that reads, I ran out of dining dollars, so please put more on my flex.  And how about my lost ATM card?  I need cash!

And did you further ever notice that another daughter's $60 haircut needs to be topped off with a purchase of $130 hair straightener because she's Not putting my hair back in a ponytail now, Mom!!!

And when you stop to think about it, wouldn't you have rather used all of that money to help the young homeless couple in your office today who are paying $25 a night to some low-life-seedy-money-grubbing-and-I'm-quite-sure-drug-snorting-individual just to sleep on his living room floor?????

Come to think of it, I just may fire up the Tassimo and invite that young couple to my house for unlimited coffee in the morning.  I'm sure Drip Dry would love it. . .