Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Bank of She-Who-Is-Most-Broke

So Trigger's wallet, phone, debit card, and student I.D. were found the day after she called to tell me she lost them. . .  They were at a different Frat house, Mom!  I swear! I don't know how they got there! 

And once she had them back in her possession, she promptly proceeded to overdraw her checking account once again. . .


She-Who-Works-Hard-for-the-Wampum:  Trig!  Stop overdrawing your bank account!  I just checked it again and you were overdrawn by $1.57.

She-Who-Is-Most-Broke:  I didn't!  I took exactly the right amount of money out!  I had $26 dollars in there to start with and I withdrew $20 from the machine and I even counted in the $2 withdrawal fee that the bank charged me and then I got like a $4 latte at Starbucks.

She-Who-Works-Hard-for-the-Wampum:  But did you check your balance before you did?

She-Who-Is-Most-Broke:  What?

She-Who-Works-Hard-for-the-Wampum:  Did you check your balance. . . like at the machine. . .  before you withdrew that $20?

She-Who-Is-Most-Broke:  I guess so. . .  that's how I knew how much money I could withdraw.  Why?

She-Who-Works-Hard-for-the-Wampum:  Well, I see here that the bank also charged you a $2 balance inquiry fee at the close of the business day, which left you overdrawn by $1.57!  So that's it!  You have no money!  You are flat broke and will remain so until you come home for your Christmas break this Friday and start babysitting.

She-Who-Is-Most-Broke:  No, I'm not broke, Mom!

She-Who-Works-Hard-for-the-Wampum:  Yes you are broke, Trigger!

She-Who-Is-Most-Broke:  No I'm not!  I found out that I can sell my books back after exams. . . and then I'll have like a hundred bucks and I'll have all the money I need to buy Christmas presents!

She-Who-Works-Hard-for-the-Wampum:  Aren't they the very same books that I paid $750 for at the start of the semester?  I better get one heck of a Christmas present from you, young lady. . . .