Monday, October 18, 2010

Could It Be 2Facebooked?

So the last time we talked about my foray into the world of Facebook, I wasn't quite sure I liked it.  I hadn't yet navigated around the whole Fb world and didn't feel comfortable enough in its space.

Truth be told, it hadn't done anything for me.

Not so anymore.

Facebook is my new BFF.

And, at the risk of further alienating Trigger, I'll tell you why.   (It's okay if I alienate Trigger right now because this weekend was parents' weekend at Ponzi's college and Drip Dry and I went and bonded with her and so she's now like my second BFF and so I even have one to spare and won't be needing Trigger for a while. . . )

That disclaimer noted,  I was simply glancing at Facebook last week and noticed a post that read, Trigger Spin has changed her status.  And, like any good gossip worth her salt, my new BFF displayed my daughter's updated status which read:  Bye, Bye Art History!  Now, I - being the whirlybird parent that I am - happened to know that my darling Trigger was taking an Art History class.  I also happened to know that I did not get any phone calls, emails, or texts discussing the possibility of dropping a class in mid-stream.

And this would be the appropriate time to introduce you to another added benefit of this whole social networking scene - Facebook Messages.  For where else could a college sophomore - and the woman who risked her life giving birth to her - toss around barbs, insults, hysteria, and accusations while her profile picture remained stoically smiling at her adoring public and her arm firmly planted around her sorority sister?

I'm not sure, but I think they ought to call it Two-Face-Booked. . .