Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My trip to the health food store

If I told you what I did yesterday, could it be our little secret?

Perhaps I was feeling a bit on the healthy side. . .or perhaps I was feeling a strange sort of simpatico with my vegetarian daughters. . . or, most likely, perhaps I was just too tired from trying to run my brain on four hours of sleep to think about what to serve for dinner. . . so after work I took a trip to the Whole Foods store in the next town. (A health food store that sells wine? No store can top that - unless, of course, it happens to be a health food/liquor store/drive-thru.)

And so I headed straight to the prepared foods section, and there I bought a little something for everyone. . . a container of Chicken Tikka for my husband, some veggie burgers and pasta salad for my vegetarian daughter, and some buffalo chicken wings because I failed to understand that the one daughter who still eats meat thinks that chicken with bones attached is Disgusting! these days.

And then I saw it.

The gooey, cheesy, pasta-induced goodness they call Macaroni and Cheese.

Now, I tend to like macaroni and cheese for its sedative properties. Whenever I'm tired, anxious, stressed-out, or mad at my husband and children (and yesterday I was all of the above) a good dose of macaroni and cheese will always make me feel better.

And I will admit that I also think macaroni and cheese is good any day, any time, and for any reason. And yes, I like it . . . in a house, and with a mouse, and in a box, and with a fox. . . . and I would eat it in the dark, and on a train, and in the park, despite the rain . . . and I will eat it here or there.. . .Yes, I will eat it ANYWHERE!

And so I did.

I ate the first half-pound sitting right there in the Whole Foods parking lot. And I ate the second half-pound while I was driving home.

Now, I've decided that it's not like I ate a whole pound of pasta or anything. The cheese, milk, and butter must weigh it all down. So pound for pound, it's not really as bad as it sounds. Is it????? (And I worry about a daughter having an eating disorder?)But, please don't tell anyone. . .

. . .not in a box, not to a fox. . . while in your house, don't tell a mouse. . . not on a boat, or you will bloat. . . not on a train, it drains your brain.

For in a car, at least to me, it is so good. . . YOU LET ME BE!!