Monday, October 20, 2008

A better way to parent

I have discovered a better way to parent.

From my bed.

At least it has worked for me every morning throughout the past week.

You see, one day last week I didn't realize that Does anyone know where the Nanny Diaries are - I need it for my child development class? was a rhetorical question and I - ever ready to jump to any child's need - started searching for the missing DVD, all-the-while attempting to engage her in in the search.

Never again.

Since that day I have been staying a-bed until my daughters leave for school.

No more Mommy Nice Guy. No more hunting for missing items in the morning. No more, Can I pack you something for lunch? Did you remember to bring your sneakers for gym? Do you need this note for the attendance officer?

No, an on-time daughter will have all of the above packed and in her bookbag.

A never-once-been-on-time-and-don't-know-what-it-feels-like daughter will give me a glare that sends shivers down my spine and inform me that she has it all, Under control Mom!

No, it's best to stay in bed with wallet, checkbook, and personalized note pad under my pillow.

Those girls know where to find me if they really need something.