Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Four and twenty vegans baked in a pie

You never know what these young women are up to.

And - given the opportunity - I admit that I sometimes assume the worst

Like earlier today when I noticed that my daughter overdrew her checking account (yet again) and so I meticulously reviewed each of her transactions online. When I saw not one - but two - charges from the Blackbird Parlour in Brooklyn, I may have jumped to a erroneous conclusion.

I knew that this particular daughter had been talking about going to the city for the weekend, and reviewing her other transactions confirmed this ($32.25 on MetroNorth, $12.36 at Eat-a-Pita - don't worry I became a pro using this method to track her whereabouts last year when she spent a semester in Florence) and so a transaction in Brooklyn didn't seem out of place. But Blackbird Parlour??? Parlour???? And then it hit me.
She's done it! She's turned 21 and gotten a tattoo! Wait, she must have gotten two tattoos! Why else would there be two separate charges?????

So like a maniac I scanned through the lists of tattoo parlours in Brooklyn (not a pretty task, I tell you) to no avail. And then, in a rare flash of brilliance, I googled "Blackbird Parlour" only to start reading reading reviews. . .

. . . . pressed tin ceilings, warm woods, and painted brick walls create a thrift-store-chic look at this coffeehouse by day, wine bar by night. The menu features a variety of lunch items such as gourmet salads, toasted sandwiches, meat and cheese plates, and tempting pastries, including selections from the Vegan Treats bakery.

So it turns out the Blackbird Parlour is a thrift-store-chic-tattoo-free-coffee-wine-salad-and-vegan-treat-serving-restaurant. All of my daughter's favorite things rolled into one!!! If Jimmy Hendrix was playing in the background, she may never have left. . .

The only fly in the ointment (and - knowing me - there has to be one) was that she was charged twice for the same meal, causing her to overdraw that bank account (or so she says.)

You know my favorite saying (alright, Ronald Regan may have said it once or twice before) Trust, but verify. . . ???

I think I'll still ask to see her lower back and left ankle when she comes home this weekend.