Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is Something Wrong with this Scenario????

Today was cleaning person day (I don't want to say cleaning "lady"- even though she is one - because I'm sure that must be gender profiling.)

I have to admit that an awful lot of interesting discoveries have been made on the every-other-Wednesday timetable. If you remember, just two Wednesdays ago we had the bath towel/clothing/black garbage bag incident.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but this morning was a bit boring in our household. There were no clothes left on the floor for me to store away in garbage bags. . . no hidden water bottles filled with alcohol. . . no unauthorized clothing receipts . . . . no empty pregnancy tests (just kidding - wanted to make sure you're awake). . . . I didn't even find a pair of those tanning salon goggles!

I made only three discoveries:

  1. One daughter sees nothing wrong with leaving abstract "hair art" on the shower wall for someone else to clean up after her.

  2. Tap-Tap Make-Up comes with an instructional DVD. (This way I can play the audio each morning after she goes to college and I won't miss her at all!)

  3. My cleaning person drives a brand new Range Rover and I drive a 1999 Plymouth Minivan with 110,000 miles on it!

You tell me. . . . Is there something wrong with this scenario????