Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year's Toast for You

Here's my little New Years toast for you . . .

May your smiles number many; your misfortunes, remain few,
may total minutes stay within your family plan.
May vodka bottles go untouched (that is unless, of course, by you)
and may your daughter not crack up your minivan!

I hope your precious debit card, never once will leave your sight;
may all young suitors remain blissfully at bay.
May her curfew be observed when she goes out each weekend night;
and may her belly button not be on display.

So here's to you - her special Mom - the only one she loves to hate;
the one who changed her diapers and sang "Baby Mine."
You don't know how on earth it was, that you survived 2008;
here's hoping for a new "improved" 2009!
A Mom on Spin
© December, 2008