Monday, December 29, 2008

Permit girl has a birthday!

It's permit girl's 17th Birthday today.

And, yes, she should have gotten her driver's license today. . . but, no, her mother did not get those behind-the-wheel lessons for her on time despite the number of times permit girl asked her to. . . and so, no, she hasn't had her permit for the required six months . . . so, no, she won't take her test until February. . . And, yes, she wants to get her nails done with her oldest cousin. . . and, yes, she might be able to fit in lunch with the rest. . . and, no, she can't go see Marley and Me with them . . . (and, yes, the movie thing was her mother's idea) because, she needs to go into the city with her friends . . . and, Oh No!, when will she see her boyfriend in all this??? . . . Well she supposes that, yes, she can see him when she gets home from the city. . . and, yes, maybe he can even pick her up at the train station. . . And come to think of it, yes, it was a good idea that her mother made the family sing Happy Birthday to her with a cupcake at dinner last night. . . even though, no, their wasn't a candle to be found in the house. . . and, no, her mother hasn't purchased a birthday present for her. . . (except for those boots permit girl bought herself while Christmas shopping) . . . and, no, they don't count!!! . . . and, yes, she wants a pea coat like the one she "borrowed" from her friend until she had to literally rip it off of her back . . . but, no, she doesn't want the one from J. Crew. . . so, yes, Daughter Number One will have to shop for it to make up for coming home at 4:38 a.m. . . . and, consequentially no, the birthday girl's mother Didn't sleep a wink all night!!!