Saturday, January 24, 2009

A pox on your bank

Dear President of PNC Bank,

I understand that times are tough in the banking industry these days, but I'm not sure you understand how tough times are for mothers of teenage girls.

Our daughters continue to spend without regard for the recent economic downturn, while we - their overworked, overtired, and under-appreciated mothers - remain busy trying to vet out their ponzi schemes and mop up the financial turmoil they leave in their wake.

All this, I might add, comes on top of the never-ending responsibilities of posing as a human lie, smoke, and vodka detector while fulfilling the role of personal grocery shopper and hair, beauty, and make-up consultant.

So, with all this going on, can you blame a mother who forgot to transfer that money to her daughter's account so that she could buy a semester's worth of books at college? As you can clearly see when viewing my daughter's account, the minute I realized the error of my ways I quickly rushed to make amends.

And so I don't think it fair that you charged her (a.k.a. me) an extra $216 in fees for overdrawing her account.

Do you have children, Mr. President of PNC Bank? Because, if you have teenaged daughters, you will immediately understand what I'm talking about and will refund those outrageous charges.

And if you don't, I'll put a pox on your house and send my daughters to you!

With all gratitude for your concern for customer loyalty, I remain. . .

p.s. Don't you think it's bad enough that Starbucks charges $3.85 for a latte? Why would you add insult to injury (so to speak) by adding a $36 overdraft charge????

I'm just saying. . .