Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love. . . It's what's for dinner

Have you ever been mad at your husband and wondered how you could get back at him?

Well I am almost embarrassed to tell you that I have been married to the same man for over 22 years and I have just stumbled on what you might call the Recipe for Revenge!!!

You see, my husband prides himself on being all fit, trim, and healthy . . . so one of the so-called "evils" in his life is cheese . . . and after regular cheese comes processed cheese food. . . and worst of all "evils" is the cheesy goodness called Velveeta. . .

Now yesterday I had what you might call a tough day at work on top of a semi-sleepless night at home, so I was in the mood for a little comfort food for dinner. As I maneuvered my shopping cart through the different aisles at 5:00 p.m. I found myself drawn to certain cheesy items, but quickly rejecting them because "someone" wouldn't approve of the menu selection, when suddenly it dawned on me. . . . Is this "someone" not the very same man who caused me to toss and turn all night???? Why the H - E - DOUBLE TOOTHPICK would I worry about what he wants for dinner??? And, better yet, why not give him a little tweak once in a while?????

So let me share this Recipe for Revenge (a.k.a Macaroni and Beef) with you. . . it's an old family favorite we had often while growing up. (You know, I never heard my parents fight . . . I'm wondering now if they engaged in some sort of silent warfare all along. . . )

1 box of medium-sized pasta "shells"

1 lb box of Velveeta (Don't be silly and go looking for it in the refrigerator section. It's special and doesn't need to be refrigerated!)

1 lb of "extra lean" hamburger meat (or tofu crumbles for the vegetarian in your family)

1 16 oz. can of tomato sauce

Cook the meat and the shells. Cube up the Velveeta (no, you could never shred it! I told you, it's "special"!) add the tomato sauce, and Voila! there it is. . . a dinner that will leave you smacking your lips well after it's finished. (Okay, you're really trying to get the cheese film off of them, but still . . . )

Now, if your husband is like mine - and things like onions and garlic upset his sensitive digestive tract - throw them in too! All the better! (Perhaps you really should make sure he's sleeping on the couch first, because you wouldn't want to share a bed with that digestive tract. . . )

So, last night, my husband arrived home while I was writing my blog post and asked, Are you still mad at me?

And being that I hadn't fielded numerous "I'm sorry" phone calls, or tripped over any flower deliveries, or opened oodles of apologetic love notes that day, my answer was Yes!

Well I'm sorry! he quips, like it was paining him to say it. . . What's for dinner?

Macaroni and Beef I replied nonchalantly, like it was the most natural thing on earth. . .

Want to know what I'm making for dinner tonight????

French Onion Soup Au Gratin!!!