Monday, February 9, 2009

People who live in glass houses shouldn't enable comment verification

So have you all heard of Secret Spineless Whine - a new blog where you can whine away without getting in trouble???

I tried to email a post to them.

Don't get me wrong. . . I'm not whining about the site itself.

I'm whining, instead, about my own lack of skills wherein I don't even notice that the link to the site has opened outlook express instead of my Gmail account and then - when my laptop doesn't connect to Gmail fast enough, the link doesn't get established and, as far as I can tell, my whine gets sent into a much bigger abyss of whines, never to be received by the stated recipient. . .

Thank God!

For following is the spineless and whiney post which I tried unsuccessfully to send early Saturday morning, but - thankfully - just rescued from my outbox . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~

Could someone explain to me why bloggers need that little word verification thing in their comments section? Let's face it guys, do we really need to worry about comment spam???? And where does that leave someone like me who is a tad bit dyslexic? I have to re-enter that nonsensical "word" time and time again until I get it right or else - horror of horrors - hit the "handi-crapped" sign!

Has anyone ever had the pleasure of hitting that sign? It sounds like some Al Queda operative is giving you top-secret directives - the implementation of which will succeed in blowing up the world!

It scares me!

So to all of my bloggy friends. . . I beg you. . . just let me put my two cents in without reminding me of my faults and failings.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the reason I'm glad that post was never received?
Well just today one of the commentors on my blog said " . . . and did you know that the word verification on this post is ______________????"


Yes, I had word verification enabled.

Just think about it. . . if that post had actually made its way to Secret Spineless Whine. . . and if anyone had been so entertained that they followed the link to my blog. . . and if they had been moved to comment. . . guess what they would have encountered?

You guessed it. A word verification screen!

And how that little "enable" circle ever got filled. . .I just don't know. . . And just how I never knew it was enabled is an even greater mystery.

And so I apologize to all of my kindred dyslexic readers who would have taken offense at my Spineless post had it been posted . . . and all of those who would have simply thought I was a freaking nutcase. . . and those of you who would have spinelessly whined about bloggers who don't understand their own sites. . .

With head down and sincerely humbled, I leave you as. . .

p.s. Look for my new blog coming soon: Secret Clueless Whine!