Thursday, February 5, 2009

What kind of doctor are you anyway????

Can you tell me why there are certain doctors in this world who are allowed to believe that a teenage girl is an "adult" from the moment she walks in the door?

Just this past summer my daughter's eye doctor made me rush to his office from a hectic day of work in order to sign a form allowing my daughter - who was just one week shy of her 18th birthday - to get her contacts. (And then, when I dared to make an attempt to enter the room with my daughter said, That's okay, Mom! We like the "children" to do this alone. . .we'll only be about an hour. . . What's that???. . . .Leave the premises???? . . . Well you can't actually leave the premises even though your daughter has her own car here. . .because. . .well, because we just might need you to pay for the contacts on the way out . . .)

But the doctor my daughters went to yesterday was nothing like that.

No, despite the five hundred phone calls from them asking me for driving directions, social security numbers, and form-filling-out instructions. . . Mom! It asks "How did you find out about our office?"!!! How do I answer that question???? . . .for some reason these girls were considered "adults" in their eyes.

Could someone please tell me how a doctor can't put a freaking contact lens in my daughter's eye without my express permission but her younger sister can walk into another office, put her feet into the stirrups, and have a doctor put God-knows-what into you-know-where without even a passing glance from her mother????

As always, I'm just asking . . .