Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Ode to Mothers of Teenage Daughters

An Ode to Mothers

She fed you mashed bananas that you smeared across your face.
Without her help you would have grown to be a big disgrace.
She drove you to your dance lessons - sat through each T-ball game.
She somehow knew when you were wrong and made you take the blame.

She kissed each little cut and sprayed that awful antiseptic;
showing her great love in ways that you did not expect it!
She helped you with your homework, your projects and your tests.
She taught you how to shop . . . in fact, she taught you how to dress.

But now that you have grown, somehow, she's suddenly not cool.
You think she's far too strict because she lays down a few rules.
She's given you a curfew. . . and it's one that you think stinks
And yells at you to clean the toothpaste from the bathroom sink.

She sniffs your water bottles and she kisses you goodnight.
She's always telling you she thinks your shirts are just too tight!
She snoops inside your room for things like cigarettes and booze,
and doesn't like it when you set your school alarm to snooze.

She thinks you drive too fast and that you clean up far too slow,
but yet that woman loves you lots in ways you cannot know.
She's giving, kind, and thoughtful . . . intuitive and clever
And yes, she just might be The Most Annoying Person Ever!!!