Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nothing to Report. For Once.

My husband and I left the children this weekend.

For a quick getaway to The shore.

No, we were not totally negligent . . . . Veggie was here to keep an eye on them. . . And my sister and her family (our next-door-neighbors) were on the look-out. . . .And my parents, from their perch in my sister's house, were placed on high alert. . .

But when we returned home, nothing seemed to be amiss.

Nothing clocked in as out-of-the-ordinary (except for the fact that the dog went without water the entire weekend. . . .)

Nothing seemed suspicious (. . . well. . . except that Trigger took the kitchen garbage out on her own without anyone telling her. . . )

I even invited my seven-year-old niece over and peppered her with questions, but she - too - had nothing to report. . .

Good God!

Could I be out of blogging material???