Saturday, May 2, 2009

The infirmity in our household

We've had a touch of an infirmity in our household this week.

And no, my friends, it is not the swine flu.

It is, instead, the dreaded Prom-a!

Symptoms include tears, screaming, insomnia, intensive negotiations, and plenty of high-stakes drama!

Drama surrounding dresses bought and returned. . . dates made and broken. . . shoes to be borrowed. . . sticky-boobs to be located . . . "pre" and "post" parties. . . permissions reluctantly granted. . . threats of breathalyzers and police drive-by's. . .

And it seems that the only remedy to Prom-a will come in the form of a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading, and a $60 (That's without the tip, Mom!) hairdo.

Oh yes . . . and your oldest sister must come home from college for the weekend to do you makeup.

Prom-a! . . . How I hate you!

p.s. Guess what??? Tonight is just the Junior prom. . . Prom-a! surrounding the Senior prom is scheduled to descend upon our household next month. . .