Monday, May 4, 2009

The law of inertia

Being the mother of teenagers, I like laws. And a guy named Sir Isaac Newton came up with three of them.
  1. A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless the body is compelled to change it's state.

  2. How fast an object moves after it is pushed depends on the force of the push and the mass of the object.

  3. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
I'll admit . . . I don't understand the second law for the life of me. . . and I don't think I really care about the third. . . but the first one is my absolute favorite because it's also known as The Law of Inertia.

I'm good at inertia.

I think we all must recognize by now that I needed change in my life - for I've been hopelessly stuck in this Spin Cycle for years. . . crying out for help. . . waiting for others to change their ways. . . expecting someone else to put the brakes on. . . press the stop button. . . bring the madness to a halt, and. . .well. . . start behaving for a change. . .

But I have suddenly/gradually come to the realization that I can be the force that changes my state of being (very Newtonian of me, don't you think?) And so, my friends, I have turned over a new leaf. I have changed course. I am officially a new and improved me.

~Suddenly, because I really must credit Braja's recent post on the "Quality of Life" for stirring me from my inertia.

~Gradually, because I have been traveling down this path without really knowing it for quite a while.

So what, exactly, is this new force that has caused me to change direction (or is scheduled to, just as soon as that book I ordered comes in and I am successful in my quest to get that damn plastic wrapping off of the Spirit Spa c.d. I purchased at Walmart today????)

Contemplative prayer.

Yup! I ordered a book on Centering Prayer - a method of Christian meditation that places a strong emphasis on interior silence.

Interior silence . . . won't that be beautiful???? I ran a test last night after a couple of glasses of wine and it was wonderful! I really could think about nothing!!!! (I just have to be careful that I don't have too many glasses of wine, or the room will start spinning all on its own. . . and that, I surmise, may defeat the purpose altogether. . .)

And in the face of my newfound peace and tranquility, did I work myself into a tizzy this morning as I purged Trigger's bedroom floor of twenty bath towels, one bath math, and eight hand towels????

No, I did not.

And so I'll raise a glass to Braja and Mr. Newton tonight and say. . . Thank you, my friends. . . thank you!

Doesn't Mr. Newton look at bit perturbed in that picture??? I think it's from all those planets spinning about him. Take it from me, someone should tell him to lay off the vino and teach him about the interior silence thing. . .