Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happenstance? Or Twilight Zone???

Do you believe in happenstance?

Or do you think it more likely that I have crossed over into another dimension and fallen, unwittingly, into an episode of . . . 

Take - for instance - my friendly Psychic.   Do you think that when I happened to meet her in the grocery store on Thursday (a good 20 miles from her home) and she said,  Oh, I just felt drawn here!  followed quickly by,  And I thought I might run in to you. . .  it was simple happenstance???

And do you think that when I happened to spend the day yesterday helping a sister parish who lost their beloved pastor to a senseless and brutal murder . . . I should happen to meet a monk. . .who then happened to be the very one who greeted me later in the day by the front door of an Abbey three towns over. . .  when I happened to bring my father for the first time to attend evening vespers because my mother no longer felt physically able to bring him?

Was that happenstance?

 I'm thinking Twilight Zone here. . .

And - seeing that it's Halloween and the very night we mortals mess with time and turn our clocks back - don't you kind of wonder who I will happen to run into next?

I do.

And if, by chance, you require further proof. . . as I grabbed my purse from a kitchen chair to run out the door earlier, I noticed that it had been resting on a book I hadn't seen in months.