Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Couldn't That Damn Dog Whisper????

First of all. . .

You need to go vote for Ponzi's friend in the Jets' National Anthem contest.  This, my friends,  is a contest akin to those in Chicago politics. . .  you can, and should, vote for Meghann Carr early and often (and you don't even have to be a U.S. citizen.)  Yet - unlike Chicago politics - you have to be alive. . . 

Now onto the family dog. . .

I need you all to travel back in time with me.

Remember when I saw The Psychic?  That very same psychic came to my house the following week to do readings for a few of my close friends and  family members.  (Okay! Next time I'll invite you. . .)  And besides the fact that she was totally AWESOME for me, she was SPOT ON with my guests that night.  (And just to get this straight, it's not like I'm a psychic groupie or anything. . . )

But another thing  happened that night that I was not privy to at the time.

I guess my dog was talking.

To the Psychic.

My dog was talking to the Psychic!

And the reason that I know that My dog was talking to the Psychic! was that last Friday evening I was at a little get-together where the afore-mentioned psychic was present (I'm NOT  a psychic groupie or anything. . . ) and the psychic had a gift for me - a collection of photographs of yellow labs.

Me:  Oh, but, you didn't have to!

Psychic:  Well, I never actually told you what happened at the end of the night when your dog came up to me.

Me:  Oh but I remember! You said she told you that she wanted to be a good dog. . . you know. . . in order to please me.

Psychic:  Yes, but there were so many people there, I didn't want to tell you what she really said. . .

Me:  Really said?  Well, what did she say???

Psychic:  It was kind of unusual. .  .

Me:  Go on. . . .   I won't be surprised.

Psychic:  Well, the dog walked right up to me and told me that you like her better than you like your own daughters!!!!

Now I ask you. . .  Is there one of you who would be surprised that the dog thought that?

For after all. . . I tell her that every day!!!