Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doggie Printing. . . Our Hope for the Future

If you have been wondering why I have been a bit of a poor correspondent lately, it may be due to the fact that I have been working overtime on a project that has been spawned by a failed diocesan audit on child abuse safety practices, combined with a gruesome murder of a priest in a nearby town by an about-to-be-discovered child predator.

None of this is fun.

But - as is often the knee-jerk reaction  to such things  - we have now taken our new safety precautions to the E-X-T-R-E-M-E.   Don't tell the auditors, but some of us are refusing to fingerprint the nonagenarians in our ranks (people over 90 . . .did you not know that term????) and volunteers without sight.  Turns out, I did subject the blind lady to fingerprinting once-upon-a-time, but the results came back "unreadable" and so I am now giving her a pass and opting to  paw-print her guide dog instead. Paw-printing the guide dog ultimately makes more sense than fingerprinting the blind lady who sings in the choir - don't you think? We'll finally get a chance to find out what kind of sh*t that dog has actually been through . . . .

Of course, the other reason I may be a bit lacking in the blogging department is that I'm bored and my life - as a result - has also become quite B-O-R-I-N-G. . .without any head-spinning events to officially report.

But for all who care/wonder/or/have been losing sleep. . .   Veggie has resurfaced in Scotland and will be landing back home next Monday at noon. . . .Trigger is due home on Friday for a week-long Thanksgiving break. . . and Ponzi is going to a concert in the city on Thursday night.

Keep your fingers crossed for some curfew infractions, alcohol violations, checking account overdrafts, bodily possessions, or a "hit" on the dog's paw prints. . . would 'ya????

Until then, I nominally remain . . . .

Think about it. . . Do you think the State Police performed that fingerprint check in Braille?  And, if they had, do you think her results would still come out "unreadable"???

Or. . . consider this. . .  if we let the police dogs perform the background check on all of us. . .  couldn't they just do a "smell test" and declare us safe?

Just wondering. . .  .