Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grim Reaper Signing In. . .

Now you've probably been wondering where A Mom on Spin has been these past few weeks.

And even if you haven't . .

I feel compelled to inform you that I've been a bit on the busy side with my job at church lately - what with all the preparations for Christmas and all . . .

And I was looking forward to taking some much-needed time off once our "busy season" was over and the baby Jesus was safely sheltered, birthed, heralded, visited, and resting comfortably in the manger.

But something got in the way of my planned relaxation and quality time with my daughters. For it turns out that I needed to cancel my vacation plans in order to attend to a few funerals.

Eight to be exact.

That's right.  We've had eight (count 'em - eight) funerals since Christmas Day (including - I might add - my very dear aunt who passed away on Christmas night. .  .) all of which, no doubt, needed my loving touch, compassionate planning, and never-ending-attention-to-detail in order to send a loved one off to the heavenly realm correctly.  (And besides. . . someone has to light the charcoal for the incensor-thingy the priest swings around. . . .)

And - yes - my funeral director friend from across the street is breathing a sigh of relief. . . knowing she can pay her bills after the Grim Reaper's sluggish pace of work before the holidays.  But I ask you - does the recent funeral frenzy justify this call I received from one of the funeral home's employees the other day when an 85-year-old nun visiting the rectory took ill and 911 had to be summoned???

Me:  Hello, this is Liz.  Can I help you?

Funeral Home Employee:  Hey Liz, it's Tim. . .at the funeral home.   What's going on over there?

Me:  What do you mean?

Funeral Home Employee:  I see ambulances and police cars from the window.

Me:  There's nothing for you here, Tim . . . Nothing for you. . .

Now HE, my friends, was a true "Ambulance Chaser" - was he not?

Here's wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. . . 

p.s.  If you think I'm cold-hearted, or indifferent towards death. . .  I'm not.

I'm just funny.

And p.p.s. . . .If you think the funeral home employee was being cold-hearted or indifferent towards death, he wasn't.

He was just curious.