Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Have Been to the Mountain

Not the mountain, really.   The inauguration.

I have been to the inauguration of New Jersey's new Governor.

And because I went there sick, I feel like I have not only been to the mountain, I also feel as if I had trudged up it, did a hundred sit-ups at the summit, and slid back down on my tookus.

And so I sit here this evening - thinking that I really should have been to the grocery store instead of the mountain on my first foray out of my sickbed - but realizing, none-the-less, that days like today are the very things God made take-out for.

And Drip Dry.   These are the days that God made Drip Dry and take-out for.

So I'm just here under my blanket waiting tonight for the phone call asking me to become the new Poet Laureate of the great State of New Jersey.

And practicing.

Tell me what you think. . .

There once was a girl from Pennsauken
at whose nose folks were always a-gawking.
It was big, red, and round,
until that girl found,
a surgeon who hailed from Weehawken.

or how about this one. . .

There once was a lad from Bagota,
who fancied himself Cssanova.
But the New Jersey girls
gave this young lad a whirl,
and sent him to Drake, North Dakota.