Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Word of Explanation Here

As some of you may have noticed I have not been sharing the hilarity I call my life with you recently.
Why not?  I'll let you choose from the list below:

a.  Sheer boredom.
b.  My daughters finally complained. 
c.  The treachery and intrigue in the
     household sent me into
     a tailspin from which I have not yet recovered.
d.  I became obsessed with a hand-me-down iPod
e.  I got caught up in Medieval England. 
f.  I finally had a funeral for myself.

Like I said, it's your choice.  Any - or all - of the above could be true.

But whatever the cause of my latest absence, the truth is that I suddenly feel this strong urge to start blogging again.  To share my innermost thoughts. .  . the most intimate details of my life. . . .the ups and downs and ultimate whirlwinds of my life. . .  with you, a total stranger.

The only problem is that I don't quite trust that I have the creative energy to maintain my return to blogging.  Nor do I like myself anymore.  Don't get me wrong here. . . I still like the person, a Mom on Spin, but I don't like the blog itself.  Would you want to be surrounded by underwear all the time?  Would you want lingerie to be the defining factor in your life?  When people see you in the grocery store would you want them to think, Oh there's that thong lady again!????

Let's face it. . . Wouldn't you want to break out from under that panty-ridden clothesline???

Yes indeed.  I thought so.

So I've been searching for a new identity.   And this past Wednesday morning that elusive identity hit me over the head like a two-ton truck. (Well to be truthful, it hit me over the head like a $50,000 Land Rover, but all that is to be revealed in the not-so-distant-future.)

So, Voila!  Here I am!  All ready to start my life under a new mantra!  Check back in a couple of days and see what's become of me.

I'll still be the same old witty person that I've always been.  And all your favorite characters will still be with me, because - for better or for worse - Drip Dry, Veggie, Trigger and Ponzi are all still here under my roof.  I just may be a little more selfish. . . more me-centric. . . more thong-less, if you will. . .

But, rest assured, I'll always be. . . .