Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pepe le Pew, A Mom on Spin has John C. Mayer-d You . . . for scent-imental reasons, no?

It's official!  Pepe le Pew has been John C. Mayer-d!

Today, my friends, was a bit of a tough day . . . what with the funeral and all.

Until I decided to Pull a John C. Mayer on Pepe le Pew.

Now the reason I'm Pulling a John C. Mayer on  Pepe le Pew is because Aunt Becky Pulled a John C. Mayer on John C Mayer just the other day.  And let me reassure you that I wouldn't have dreamed of Pulling a John C. Mayer on my good friend, Pepe Le Pew without reading that post on Mommy Wants Vodka and realizing that Pulling a John C. Mayer had made it into the Urban Dictionary right before my very eyes. 

A witness to history, you might call me.

But now I - too - am curious to see if I can scale Google's search engine ladder by mentioning Pepe le Pew like a gazillion times in one blog post.

And, although I don't think Pepe le Pew is on ze Twitter (who do you think he is, Tweety Bird???)  I also want to know if I can get ze publiciste of Pepe le Pew mad at me.

Sacre maroon!

Now if you are one of the few folks who don't quite know who Pepe le Pew is, you can wiki your eyes ici, but be warned that Pepe le Pew's publicist will be mad at you, too, because everyone is expected to know who ze locksmith of Love is, no?  But let me just state for the record that you would far prefer having Pepe le Pew's publicist mad at you to the big skunk-man himself, 'cause we all know what happens when you annoy a skunk.  It eeeees bad.   Tres, tres, bad, no?

So come my little peanut of  brittleI will help you.

Theeeeeese are the things I know about Pepe le Pew. . .

  • Pepe le Pew may be bi-lingual, but Pepe le Pew is most certainly not ze bi-sexuale.
  • Pepe le Pew is ze only chain smoker I know who can blow smoke rings in the form of l'coeurs.
  • Pepe le Pew's voice may be that of Mel Blanc's, but his smell is Pepe le Pew's own making.
  • To the best of my knowledge, Pepe le Pew is the only skunk who has been John C. Mayer-d.
  • Pepe le Pew may also not have a publicist. A pitiful case is he not?  Is Pepe le Pew even worth pulling a John C. Mayer on?
  • Pepe le Pew didn't have teenage daughters. . .  unless they were le bastardes of Pepe le Pew.
  • Being the French snob that he is, Pepe le Pew most definitely would not consume wine from ze box, but never-the-less, I image that Pepe just might enjoy milking ze udder.

 So spinsters, you  - too - can be a witness to history by leaving your comment.  Just make sure to reference  John C. Mayer and Pepe le Pew or Ze Tante Becky may kill us, no???


Turns out Pepe le Pew's publicist must be better than John C. Mayer's after all.   I briefly made it to #2 on the John C Mayer page.   Pepe's has proved a tough one to climb.   Must be Looney Tunes after all. . .or Warner Brothers. . .   or the Pepe le Pew favorite, Merry Melodies. .  .or the fact that Pepe le Pew doesn't have a middle initial.  Does "le" not count????

Wait!  Has Pepe le Pew been John C. Mayer-d?  Or has John C. Mayer been Pepe le Pew-d??

Zis stinks!