Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Color White

 Just in case you were wondering, the following are just some of the reasons I like the color white:

It's Clean.
It's Pure.
It's Spotless. . .and Honest.
And Illuminating.
White is Immaculate.
It's Antiseptic.
Pristine and Purifying.
White is Uncontaminated. . . Uninfected. . .Unsullied
As a matter of fact, it's "un" a lot of things!

I like white.

I think it even smells clean.  I dare say it almost tastes so too. .  .

And if you had to assign an intelligence to colors, I would say that white is the color with the highest IQ. . .for what other color has the aptitude to avoid being corrupted by the other colors around it?  White knows that its very essence derives from the absence of color and so it repels any attempt to contaminate it.  Unlike (I might add) a color like brown - whose very being is the result of a jumble of every other color in the universe being dumped on its palette.

I suppose that may just be the reason why I find the color brown to be unpalatable.

Maybe I'm not a Mouse-a-Phobic after all.

Maybe I'm just a crazy White-Freak!