Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stick a Pin in It!

So it's become painfully clear that I have yet to stumble upon the optimum social networking site.

If you're reading this particular communique, you're already painfully aware of the fact that I author a humor blog. But did you know that I also have a Facebook page. . . and a twitter account. . . a Goodreads page . . . an iTunes account. . .  a Pin it Board. . . a recipe box?

I have posted, filed, tweeted, listed and stuck a pin in just about every area of my life.

So why do I feel so disconnected?  So fragmented?  How is it that I feel the strong need to mix my messages?  Where can one unearth a platform to put my loves. . .my writings. . . my obsessions. . . .my purchases. . . all on one page - without announcing each move to the rest of the world?

I'm multi-faceted.   Why can't my social media be?  

 I've never really been a fan of Facebook because I still suspect it's a wire service on speed.  And I know it may seem disingenuous for a die-hard blogger like me who lays her life out for the rest of the world to see, but I simply don't like broadcasting every item I decide to "like" or every "friend" I make.

Do you really need to know when I post a new picture or rate a pizza place?

I think not.  It's too boring for me.  And if it's boring for ME, well I pity the poor folks who don't think that minutia matters. . .


But now if I were given a page where I could show you all the TOTAL hilarity that is me at only the time you decide to visit it . . . well that would be. . . well it would be. . .  like perfect!


Stick a Pin in It.
I'm done!