Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Elephant Is Never Wrong

So anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a self-proclaimed Suessophile and that my favorite character of all time is Horton the Elephant.

And the most delightful book I have ever encountered is none-other-than Horton Hatches the Egg.

And from it, spawns the epitaph on my tombstone . . .

I meant what I said
and I said what I meant.
An elephant's faithful
one hundred percent!

Good Lord, the trials and tribulations that poor elephant went through simply to stick to his word!  Not only did he have to bear the humiliation of his friends' taunts, he had to sit on that nest through a long, icy winter.  And next came the hunters with his huge elephant-body in their cross-hairs, following quickly by that long, sea-sickening journey on that bobblely ship to New York, and that humiliation once-again to be the freak-show in the circus . . . all because that good-for-nothing lazy, Mayzie Bird left the flesh-of-her-flesh and egg-of-her-egg to fly off to Palm Beach!

How could she?

But it recently occurred to me that perhaps Dr. Seuss got his story mixed up a bit.   Perhaps. . .  I mean, maybe. . . perhaps it could be. . . possibly. . . THAT HORTON THE ELEPHANT WAS UP IN THAT TREE BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID OF A MOUSE!  PERHAPS HE SHOVED THAT MAYZIE BIRD OFF HER NEST IN HIS FRENZIED ATTEMPT TO RUN AWAY FROM SOME FURRY AND TAIL-SWEEPING RODENT !!!

So where does that leave a Horton fan like myself?  One who has internalized his motto and adopted it as her own?   How does this grab you?

I said what I meant
and I meant what I said
If I have to go down there,
I'd rather be dead!

Yeah, I'm still good with Horton,
for his motto still fits. . .