Wednesday, May 11, 2016

And the Supreme Being Waits. . .

Does anyone else have a problem keeping your thoughts in line while praying?    

My mind wanders here, there, and then over there again until I realize that I have been keeping the Ultimate Audience waiting.  In the past when my mind would swing back in a moment of startled awakening, I used to envision a somewhat-patient-challenged-Supreme-Being pulling out his pocket watch urging, “Come now woman, back to your story.”  

 One day I read something which changed the way I view things.  It stated that as God looks over the world, he lingers over any face that is weeping or eyes that are laughing; and when he passes a soul in worship, God kneels down too.  So I now picture Him patiently sitting beside me – perhaps thankful for a little down time himself – thinking, “That marvelous mind of hers will have to return to me sometime!” and I somehow feel gladdened that He and I get to spend an extended length of time together in these ways.    

I hope that I can also count on you to act in the same manner whenever I leap into one of my characteristic tangential abysses.