Sunday, March 12, 2017

It Was All about the Bathroom, Really.

I won't be the first one to tell you that life has a funny way of turning itself upside down on you.

For, it turns out, those infants you lost so much sleep over . . .the toddlers you chased about . . . the tweens you drove from pillar to post. . . those very teenagers you blogged about just to save your sanity. . . One day you turn around and find that they indeed grow up and become beautiful, determined, and successful young women.

Drip Dry and I took a trip to visit our three daughters who happened to be together this weekend.  Veggie, a first-year medical student; Trigger, in her first year of a master's program in school psychology; and Ponzi, a very-recent college graduate - the completion of her undergraduate degree hideously delayed by the onset of various autoimmune diseases.

I just love seeing them together.  United.  Supportive.  .Optimistic.  Confident.  Those girls have overcome so many obstacles life has placed in their way.  I don't believe that there is another feeling that can compare to it.

Except my love of the bathroom at my hotel.

Now I know that I am supposed to be practicing Zen detachment techniques.  But how can any living, breathing human being remain detached about a hotel bathroom as beautifully Zen as this?  The simple square sink?  The gorgeously shower with special side jets?  Those washcloths fashioned into a lotus design?

I believe I was in love.  So attached/detached to that hotel room that I'm scheming ways to go back.

In love with my family.  And in love with my bathroom.